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VoxelCraft Forum

This forum is for general discussion about VoxelCraft, one of the games we provide servers for, bug reports, ban appeals and off-topic subjects!

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News & Announcements
News, announcements and updates will be reported!
9 10 04.11.2017 15:40
by VGStudiosPlayz
Bugs, Applications and Ban Appeals
Report bugs, send your mod applications and appeal for an pardon here.
17 46 11.09.2017 21:28
by VGStudiosPlayz
Anything relating to Minecraft can be posted here.
3 4 28.03.2017 15:22
by VGStudiosPlayz
Anything relating to Terraria can be posted here.
2 4 07.03.2017 14:17
by VGStudiosPlayz
Anything relating to Starbound can be posted here.
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VoxelGaming Forums

This forum is for the VoxelGaming members, to discuss ongoing events, plan training sessions and post screenshots!

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Anything relating to Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be posted here.
2 4 18.03.2017 01:20
by VGStudiosPlayz
League of Legends
Anything relating to League of Legends can be posted here.
1 1 02.03.2017 21:45
by CharaDaHooman
Team Fortress 2
Anything relating to Team Fortress 2 can be posted here.
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